Divension is a five-man Melodic Death Metal band from Sargans, Switzerland. They were originally founded in 2005 as a Slayer coverband, but by now they see themselves as working outside the cliché world of „evil-black-and-white-metal“. Their songs manage to fascinate audiences with gripping riffs, melodious choruses and exciting variety and stay fixed in their ears. Breaking down the boundaries of genres, why not? However, the south-eastern Swiss don’t forgot the necessary heaviness and passion.

When the band was founded in 2005 by mastermind and songwriter Roger Baumgartner together with bassist Philipp Kräuchi, nobody could have guessed that the debut album "Conquer The Dying Sun" would be released 15 years later. After several line-up changes and two longer artistic breaks, Divension has now been ready to play the stages in its current formation since 2023 and is already working on a follow-up album.

With Domo Bösch, who has been shouting his multi-faceted vocals into the pit since 2007, drummer Dominik Gisler, who has been setting the beat since 2019, Matthias Keller on the bass guitar and Filipe Gordilho on the rhythm guitar, who have been contributing their extensive band experience since 2023, band founder and song composer Roger Baumgartner has a very well-functioning and well-rehearsed band in place.

The guys from Divension have set themselves one unified goal: the display of joyful musicianship and energetic livegigs in great quality.

After a long wait, their debut album "Conquer The Dying Sun" was released in 2020. In addition to new songs, the album also contains a look back at the last 15 years of their musical work. Between modern melodic death metal, the album also contains songs with a thrashy flavour. The title track of the debut album is a twelve-minute epic that invites you to enjoy and sink into it.

Thanks to the inexhaustible wealth of ideas of Roger Baumgartner and his men, there will be no shortage of new songs.
A new album, which will offer even more versatility, is already in the pipeline.
So we can look forward to it!